Two participants from Eiwitcampus Beers in Food100!

Multiphase Dryers and Basic Theory are both featured in the Food100 list of 2023! The Food100 list comprises 100 individuals who are working towards sustainability, innovation, and improvement within our food system while contributing to addressing our climate and food challenges. Each year, an independent jury compiles this list, featuring established leaders and emerging talents from across the entire food supply chain: 50 changemakers under 35 years old and 50 gamechangers over 35 years old. By providing these individuals with a platform and making the list public, it enables food changemakers on and off the list to have a greater impact together.

Our partner, AgriFood Capital, along with Food Hub, Food Inspiration, and Slow Food Youth Network, initiated this effort to support these food changemakers in their endeavors to continue making a difference. They are joined by partners Rabobank, Food Impactors Summit, and BO Akkerbouw, as well as independent jury members. It’s recognized that both the younger and older generations are essential for driving change. Food changemakers are selected based on four criteria: decisiveness, innovation, consideration for people, the planet, and profit, and lastly, the willingness to share knowledge, network, and insights. From the entire list, one Food Hero of 2023 will be chosen.

At Eiwitcampus Beers, we are incredibly proud of our participants! This nomination is a wonderful recognition of the innovative work they are engaged in. AgriFood Capital has produced two videos to surprise Merlijn Chardon (Multiphase Dryers) and Do Bongers (Basic Theory Fine Fermented Foods) with their nominations.