Energetic food producers with a solid plan from the Nijmegen region?

The increasing demand for renewable energy sources not only requires innovation but also significant space. Agri-Energy Park Bijsterhuizen, located along the A73 near Nijmegen, has optimally utilized this space, providing energy to over 7,000 households. However, it is still lacking an energetic food producer willing to take on the challenge at this Agri-PV park. Are you or do you know someone or an organization fitting this description? Then read on!

In the near future, much more solar energy can naturally be ‘harvested’ using solar panels on rooftops, but agricultural land can also be responsibly utilized for this purpose. At Agri-Energy Park Bijsterhuizen, the infrastructure has been modified; solar panels are not placed on the ground, allowing the soil to receive light and air.

This Agri-PV system is specifically designed to combine solar energy generation with agriculture, enabling dual land use. Additionally, translucent solar panels have been used, making it possible to grow (horticultural) crops with some mechanical adjustments. This approach ensures that valuable agricultural land is not taken away from the Dutch agricultural area.

The total area covers about 20 hectares, of which approximately 17 hectares consist of usable, heavier soil covered with solar panels. The spacing between the rows is 3.20 meters, and the panels are positioned at a height of 2 meters. Eiwitcampus Beers, in cooperation with the developer, is searching for a food producer willing to utilize the land under the solar panels (partially) under favorable terms and conditions.

Are you or do you know someone who can fit agriculture or horticulture within the Agri-PV Park? Or perhaps you would like more information? If so, please contact Dim Boonstoppel via dim@eiwitcampus.nl.