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In our changing society, we face a large number of challenges in the field of food production, and in particular protein production. The world population continues to grow and the importance of sustainably produced food, as part of a circular system, is increasingly recognized. Agricultural production systems are therefore changing, moving towards a future-proof position within a highly demanding market.

Modern production systems are becoming more efficient, natural capital and residual flows from the agri-food sector are being revalued, and outdated production systems are slowly disappearing. In short, the agri-food world is in full swing and is taking on challenges.


Innovation in protein production

Innovation is necessary, in the first place to maintain a balance between animal and vegetable protein production. It is clear that we cannot do without proteins. The importance of protein as a main component in our diet is very great: vegetable and animal proteins are the building blocks of our body. They are continuously replenished and broken down again, and are therefore an important and recurring part of our diet. Eiwitcampus Beers focuses on innovations in protein production. The Campus functions as an innovation center where companies, organizations and knowledge institutions can collaborate on new, future-proof production models.

Protein production and more at Eiwitcampus Beers

The Protein Campus business model is an open innovation model with groundbreaking activity for the entire agricultural and food sector. In addition to useful, applicable innovations in the field of vegetable and animal protein production, Eiwitcampus Beers also facilitates initiatives related to circular agriculture. Circularity that, according to owner and initiator Marco Smits and co-developer Dim Boonstoppel, can be applied at local and regional level, but also at national and European level.

Transition or reformation within agriculture can go hand in hand with the current energy transition. Eiwitcampus Beers (Protein Campus located in Beers) will soon demonstrate this with the construction of an Agri-PV park, which is planned for the coming year. This Agri-PV park shows that the generation of solar energy and the cultivation of horticultural crops can be easily combined on one and the same surface. Naturally, the Campus also pays attention to the soil as the most important resource in agriculture and horticulture. We have an in-house partner that knows all about this. Due to their approach to the soil and soil life, they contribute to healthy vegetable and animal protein production.


Welcome to the Eiwitcampus!

The Eiwitcampus offers plenty of space for the development and processing of various sources of vegetable and animal protein production, such as lupins, brew-hops, buckwheat, Dutch soy, algae, insects and even snails. In addition, Eiwitcampus also offers opportunities for innovation, research and the cultivation of “old”, rediscovered protein sources. For economic or even political reasons, leguminous plants, such as various beans and peas, have disappeared from the food landscape. These crops not only provide a high nutritional value, even in unprocessed form, but they also fix nitrogen from the air. Circular agriculture in practice!

Eiwitcampus Beers is a concept of which your organization can also be a part of. Whether you are looking for an office, meeting room, business or storage space, a laboratory for research or agricultural land to conduct experiments. We offer start-ups, scale-ups and established companies countless opportunities for entrepreneurship and further development. Do you have an idea that is innovative within the agri-food sector, but is it not directly related to protein production? Even then you are welcome!

Do you like to work in an inspiring, rural environment with a rich agricultural history and are you curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us!

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