About Eiwitcampus Beers

About the Eiwitcampus

Creating an inspiring, accessible workplace and breeding ground for starting and established entrepreneurs from the agri-food sector, that is what Eiwitcampus Beers (Protein Campus located in Beers) focuses on.

Providing opportunities for the development of useful and applicable solutions in a changing food landscape, that is what we stand for in Beers. Eiwitcampus Beers facilitates, guides and forms the umbrella under which development can take place.

Circular agriculture

Did you know that honey bees collect pollen that contains a lot of protein? And that brewers grains, a residual flow from the beer brewing process, are used as a high-quality, protein-containing animal feed? These are just two examples of activities on the Campus that you don’t easily think of when you think of ‘protein production’ and ‘circular agriculture’! Eiwitcampus Beers aims to create added value, together all parties involved in vegetable and animal protein production. Better utilization of residual flows is also part of this, in line with circular agriculture.

Eitwitcampus Beers works with a growing number of partners. Each with their own, but above all with joint ambitions towards circular agriculture. The participants on the Campus quickly become our partners, visit each other, and often strengthen their own business model as a result of that collaboration. We like to think along with you about your ambitions as a future partner. This can be on a practical level like on-campus real estate development for your project, or on a theoretical, supporting level such as applying for grants. Of course we would also like to connect you with other, enthusiastic participants on the Campus or with knowledge institutions and organizations that can support you in realizing your ambitions.

More than just agriculture

Eiwitcampus Beers goes further than just circular agriculture. In addition to facilitating innovations in the area of food production, a fully equipped Campus is being developed where people can work, live and recreate. In this way, the Eiwitcampus remains an accessible concept where people quickly feel at home and where valuable knowledge in the field of food production is shared. The Campus in itself is intended as an example of a new circular agricultural production on a small scale. In addition, the Campus wants to show that the innovations shown have a right to exist on a larger scale.

The innovations that take place at Eiwitcampus Beers are in line with the National Protein Strategy, which focuses on sustainability, a healthy environment, the use of residual flows and less dependence on the import of protein-containing products.

Will you join? You are most welcome!

The origin of the Campus

Developing, innovating and connecting, that’s what the initiators of the Eiwitcampus Beers have in common. They both grew up in “the Peel” area, so pioneering and looking for new possibilities and opportunities is no stranger to them. That’s what the region is known for! Marco and Dim found each other in owner Marco’s ambitious plan to transform the former Artificial Insemination Center and Livestock Museum in Beers into a training, research and production center for protein production and circular agriculture. They now use their agricultural background to facilitate innovations in agri and food. Marco in a more practical way as a project developer and Dim especially as a connector between companies and organizations. While preserving the good that agriculture has brought over the years, they would like to give a new generation all the space they need to pioneer again.